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Our project started to save the life of cute little dogs suffering on the streets, ones that are abused, and neglected. Our team is made up of members living with dogs and can not imagine a life without them. But the reality is that there are tons of dogs that are suffering and we need to rescue them.

Everyday, dog rescue groups receive a call from all around the world to help rescue the dogs and hundreds of dogs are brought to the organization. Unfortunately, most of them are puppies. If they can’t find a new home or new family, they will be killed. This is happening in the real world.

Dogs are killed every 10 minutes.

This is happening from the selfish reasons we humans have.

We need to change this reality.

We need your support to help and rescue these dogs.

◆Announcing the Afro Governance Token, AGD

We are very proud to announce the Afro Governance Token(AGD) and would like to talk about it. The only way to earn AGD is by liquidity mining with the pair of AMD/ETH

The total supply of AGD is 11,111 which means that AGD is very scarce. By simply holding AGD, you are able to make a passive income.We will announce the exact date when to start liquidity mining, so please stay tuned.

The project has just started but is starting to receive some partnership deals. If we sign these deals, we are able to offer some exclusive offers to the AGD holders.


We run a photo campaign to raise awareness of the problem and want everyone in the world to realize the dogs are family and friends for all humans.

We will announce the photo contest on our official Twitter and we will be waiting for your participation.


We always look for help and support from a compassionate person like you!

We will donate to the dog rescue groups who accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Paypal as much as we can. Our foundation will make a donation if it is deemed appropriate

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